Writing Letters: Electrical Supply Company Edition

Dear Electrical Supply Company,

Whether the average person believes it or not, you are a very important company. You distribute (sell) hundreds of thousands of products that due to their nature could be a serious hazard to customers. With some of your products, if you pick and sell defective, bad, poorly made items you could be putting your customers in a dangerous, even life-threatening situation. Your customers have to trust that you are doing your job and doing it well.

That is why it was such a shock when I looked at your sign sharing your well wishes and congratulations to the local sports team on winning. Excuse me, you didn’t send them your congratulations, you sent your ‘congradulations.’

It was just one word, on one small sign, and people had to drive past your physical location to see it, that’s not a big deal – right?

WRONG. How am I as a potential customer supposed to trust you to feature and sell an electrical product if I can’t even trust you to proofread your own sign?

Moral of the story is: You should always proofread and make sure your collateral, signs, etc. are typo free and up-to-date, but even moreso when your consumers need to trust their life and property with you.

I hope you’re more careful with your ‘I could be injured if you don’t do your job well’ products then you are with your spelling.

Onward and upward!