3G Complete Customer Experience Design

When was the last time you walked through every interaction a customer has with you to make sure you’ve created an enjoyable and satisfying experience?


We thought so. Why not contact us to learn about our 3G Complete Customer Experience Design Process?


Anyone who wants to improve their internal or external customer relationships can benefit from our customized services. We specialize in:

  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs new to managing customer relationships who are building things from the ground up
  • Businesses preparing to launch a new product, service, or website
  • Freelance coaches and consultants desiring to provide a consistent, accessible, and engaging end-to-end journey for potential and current clients
  • Managers and Human Resource Professionals who want to prioritize internal relations (communications and interactions with employees) to improve productivity and morale. Because employees are “customers,” too!



  • We make sure that every customer touch point from your marketing to your customer support system to your website is engaging and accessible. We identify missed opportunities for customer engagement. We note areas of customer support that can damage your relationships.
  • We ensure that your company provides a great user-friendly customer experience using our 3G Process: Get In. Get What You Want. Get Out.
  • We make sure that the process for awareness, discovery, interaction, and engagement matches the style and tone for your company.



When companies fail to support and engage their customers they lose. In today’s world price is no longer a great differentiator and companies can find themselves in the hot seat from even a single tweet or blog post from a highly networked customer who had a bad interaction with your company. The same is true for employers who create workplace cultures that aren’t sustainable, healthy, or productive for their “customers” (employees). Creating outstanding customer service and experiences companies can make the difference between keeping and losing a customer – or many. Our founder, Sheri Rubin, created the 3G Process to guide businesses in creating a flawless customer experience.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in working with all the areas that affect those critical relationship building moments including customer support, quality control, branding, communications, and digital content. We pride ourselves on our ability to get inside the minds of your target customers and help you create engaging, memorable, and loyalty building environments.

The more difficult you make it to find info about your product or services, the more effort they have to put in to buy your products or services or get the support they need, the more likely it is that they’ll walk away forever. Don’t let that happen to you!

Our team has worked with clients like executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company; Wendt Creative Services; AnyKey; game designer and TED Fellow Kellee Santiago; Extreme Marketing, and the American Red Cross Desert to the Sea Region.



Spot Review
We update and/or review specific customer experience touch points or procedures – product FAQs page, internal customer support documentation, etc. – to ensure consistency for an hourly or project rate.

Section or Area Review
We review anything from small, individual components of your customer experiences to area overviews – giving you a detailed report of missed opportunities, harmful activities, and areas for improvement and polish. You decide what you want fixed and what you don’t.

Section Examples: Your website’s customer-related ‘policy’ pages (Shipping Policy, Returns Policy, etc.), product ordering process, or employee handbook.

Area Examples: Your customer support call center structure (personnel training; choice of hold music and messaging; internal protocols and best practices, etc.), company website, or employee training and development programs.

On-Site Reviews
One of our highly knowledgeable staff members will travel to your place of business to conduct a hands-on, in-person review of your internal and external structure. Need more help? We can act as your customer experience design partner and work with you to improve how you manage and interact with your products, services, or company’s (i.e. employees, partners, or vendors) customers. Travel expenses will be included in the project estimate if your business is outside of the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Contact us to get a free appraisal and quote for your customized 3G Complete Customer Experience Design today!