3G Review Process


The 3G Review Process: Creating flawless customer experiences


We created the 3G Review to help you build more engaging and accessible experiences for the audiences that matter most to you and your brand.


The 3Gs are:

  • Get In
  • Get What You Want
  • Get Out


3G Reviews ensure that your customer (whomever they are – be they a shopper, website user, hiring manager, coworker, etc.) can actually access your “system,” find & get what they are looking for, and get back to their day as quickly and painlessly as possible.

By evaluating your process, product, etc. through the lens of the 3Gs, we pinpoint problem areas where your customer isn’t being properly supported. With that data in hand, we then develop concrete action plans to correct the areas that are lacking and upgrade the overall customer experience.


Here’s an example of how this process works with our 3G Website Reviews service:


  1. Get In: Can someone new to your website figure out how and where to access information quickly and easily?
  2. Get What You Want: Can they find the service or product they need without multiple clicks or distracting information? Can they easily move on to a contact or checkout page?
  3. Get Out: Can they understand your call-to-action, make a connection or purchase, and move on with their day?


Whether the product is a t-shirt in your retail store, an online seminar for colleagues and clients, or your resume and portfolio for potential employers, the more difficult you make it for your customer to find what they’re looking for, the more likely it is that they’ll give up out of frustration and walk away forever.


“What an amazing job you did. I have my work cut out for me. Every suggested change makes so much sense. I’m exhausted just glancing through the red-lining and your suggested comments. Thank you so much. You have more than met my expectations!” –Merry Neitlich – Director, Coach’s Edge


To learn more about our various 3G review services and find one that’s right for you, please visit our Services page or Contact Us and you’ll be well on the road to better customer experiences and better results.