3G Website Reviews

When was the last time a tech professional went through every word, link, and image on your website to make sure it was working perfectly?


We thought so. Why not contact us to learn about our proven 3G Website Review Process?


Anyone with a website can benefit from our customized services, but we specialize in:

  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs desiring a proven “Customer Experience Review”
  • Businesses, coaches, speakers, and freelancers preparing to launch a new product, service, or website
  • Website owners/managers transferring from one CMS/platform to another
  • Website owners/managers who want a second set of eyes on their site
  • Anyone with too little time or too little tech knowledge to DIY


“Thanks so much for all your hard work on my site. I really appreciate it!! And it looks like it’s already working – just got a talk request from a University from the web form.” –Kellee Santiago – TED Fellow, Game Developer, And Partner At Indie Fund



  • We make sure that everything on your site is updated and working perfectly. We find typos. We identify broken links and images. We note missing or obsolete content.
  • We ensure that your site provides a great user-friendly customer experience using our 3G Process: Get In. Get What You Want. Get Out.
  • We make sure that the design/tone matches the brand (and style guides), formatting is consistent, and it’s presented well.



Every website should ensure that its customers can easily get in to your site to get the information they want about your products and services. Our founder, Sheri Rubin, created the 3G Process to guide website owner/managers in creating a flawless customer experience.

The 3Gs are:

  1. Get In: Can someone new to your website figure out where to access information quickly and easily?
  2. Get What You Want: Can they find the service or product they need without multiple clicks or distracting information? Can they easily move on to a contact or checkout page?
  3. Get Out: Can they understand your call-to-action, make a connection or purchase, and move on with their day?

The more difficult you make it to find info about your product or services, the more effort they have to put in to buy your products or services, the more likely it is that they’ll walk away forever. Don’t let that happen to you!

Our team has worked with clients like executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company; Wendt Creative Services; AnyKey; game designer and TED Fellow Kellee Santiago; and the American Red Cross Desert to the Sea Region.




Spot Review
We update content blocks or review specific pages to ensure consistency on an hourly or flat fee project rate.

Section or Site-wide Review
We review sections or entire sites on a page-by-page basis, giving you a detailed report for one or more browsers. You decide what you want fixed and what you don’t.

Tech Partner
We work as your technical partner or “back-up techie” on a monthly retainer basis. We generally offer 2-business day turnaround for single page updates and reviews and a business week turnaround for major section or site-wide changes. We can also provide rush services when requested.

Contact us to get a free appraisal and quote for your customized 3G Website Review today!

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