3G Personal Brand Reviews

When was the last time you meticulously poured over each and every piece of your personal branding – profiles, websites, business cards, resumes, etc. – to make sure you were presenting the best professional you possible?


We thought so. Why not contact us to find out more about how your branding can be upgraded today?


Everyone has a personal brand and can benefit from our services, but we specialize in:

  • Entrepreneurs in need of a little extra “polish” to attract partners, investors, and the press
  • Job seekers who want to guarantee that their personal brand is employer-friendly
  • Freelance coaches and consultants who want a consistent, accessible, and client-friendly image that matches their work style
  • Authors and speakers who need to develop their online presence for engaging with fans, event planners, publishers, and the press


“Sheri, thanks to your help, my resume immediately started getting me attention, callbacks, and interviews. Through your tips I’ve really come to understand how important it is to have materials at the ready to really show off not only my skills, but myself, and how to do it in the best light. They were truly invaluable. Thank you so, so much. You rule!” –Christopher P.



  • We make sure that all the components of your personal brand are updated and working perfectly. We find typos and obsolete content. We identify roadblocks and items that damage your image or make you less accessible to your customer.
  • We ensure that your websites, profiles, and collateral (business cards, resumes, flyers, etc.) provide a great, user-friendly customer experience using our 3G Review Process.
  • We make sure that the design and tone match YOUR brand, the style and formatting are consistent across all areas, and ensure that you’re presenting the most professional you possible.



Whether it is about getting a job, securing a client, or creating a home for your fans and followers, you need to make sure your “customers” are able to get a real sense of who you are. They can be distracted and, frankly, put off by public-facing materials that don’t conform to the strictest standards of quality. You can be the absolute best at what you do, but if you don’t earn your customer’s trust… well, there’s no customer. We make sure that who you are and what you are capable of shine through.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in customer experience design; personal branding; marketing and communications; and digital content, and we pride ourselves on our ability to polish up your image and set you on the path to professional success.


Our team has worked with clients like executive coach Libby Gill & Company; Fuller Game Production; Wendt Creative Services; game designer and TED Fellow Kellee Santiago; and numerous coaches, job seekers, speakers, and authors looking to stand out from the crowd.



Spot Review
We update or review specific pieces of your personal branding arsenal to ensure consistency on an hourly or flat-fee project rate.

Area or Full Branding Review
We review areas (all of your social media channels, all your printed collateral, etc.) or your entire personal brand (online, offline, or both), giving you a detailed report of issues and areas for improvement. You decide what you want fixed and what you don’t.

Contact us to get a free appraisal and quote for your customized 3G Personal Brand Review today!