Our Process: Design, direct, and deliver.


At Design Direct Deliver (DDD), it’s all about creating the best possible experience for your customer. As a result, our approach is the same whether you’re a company with lofty goals, or an individual wanting to make a few upgrades. We specialize in evaluating user experiences – where the audience you’re targeting is what we refer to as your “customer”.

The Kickoff – We start by getting to know you: your goals, your expectations, and your needs. Then we’ll explain our processes and methodology, work with you to gather any relevant materials, and answer any questions you may have.

The Design – Once we have collected the initial information on your requirements, we’ll conduct an analysis of your current materials or processes. Armed with the results of that analysis we then work with you to agree on a plan for execution that will provide the most return on investment based on your needs and priorities.

Whether it’s making sure your customers can easily find your products or creating a compelling resume, our goal is to make sure the end result is a better reflection of who you are – as an individual or a company!

The Direction – During this phase, we’ll get to work using our unique 3G review process. DDD will communicate with you throughout the project and provide updates and information on how things are progressing. Depending upon the nature of the project, we may also provide you with drafts, prototypes, or sample materials for your review and work to address any concerns or changes you may have.

The Delivery – This is our favorite part! We get to present you with your customized solution, finished product, or consulting report.


Our Company: Innovative, ethical, and effective.


Design Direct Deliver offers consulting and contracting services with a focus on improving customer experiences and personal branding. We pride ourselves on developing customized solutions that suit our clients’ needs all while maintaining the highest standards for quality, efficiency, and integrity. Whether you’re a single individual or an entire organization we can help you provide a more engaging and accessible experience for the audiences that matter to you most.

Our recent projects have included an exhaustive page-by-page website review overhaul; creating resumes for job seekers; educating customer service departments on best practices; website development for freelancers and nonprofits; and graphic design work for customer touch point materials and other marketing collateral.  See our services page for a full list of what we have to offer.


Our Founder: Sheri Rubin


Sheri Rubin is the founder of Design Direct Deliver and is passionate about improving customer experiences one client at a time. An international speaker, author, and trainer she uses her zealous attention to detail and drive to empower others through consulting, contracting, and coaching.

An avid philanthropist and fierce advocate, Sheri dedicates much of her free time to issues including STEM education, online abuse, racial inequality in the justice system, and diversity. Combined with her frequent inability to say no, it is also why you will find her sitting on the boards of several profit and nonprofit organizations. To get in touch with Sheri, visit our contact page.