Being A Good Customer: Brynn Goes to the Olive Garden

Our good friend and colleague, Keith Fuller, tells us about the time his daughter taught us all a little something about being a good customer.

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It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

“I am honest and hardworking” is a phrase pretty much everyone uses: job candidates, employees during reviews, leaders speaking to the press, criminals claiming innocence, etc. Statistically speaking, some of these people are lying. And some of these liars have no idea they’re doing it.

In an ideal world we would all be who we say we are. Better yet – we’d be self-aware enough to know who everyone else thinks we are. Then there’s this world. Here, our insight is cloudy at best. Intent matters less than perception and perception is the only reality.

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A Better Experience: Google Calendar Pro-tip

You don’t need a/your Google email address to accept or decline a Google Calendar invite. Here’s a workaround:

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